04.01.2021 - 06.06.2021 

The linear lifecycle of plastic consists of five steps. It starts from raw material and ends in waste disposal. This is the case when plastic is not being recycled in a correct manner. When plastic is recycled the cycle will no longer be a straight line but an actual cycle where the waste material is used again to make new...

ROMUn idea rakentuu älykkään roska-astian ROMUkopan, ROMUviesti -vastuullisuuskampanjoiden ja ROMUtieto -datankeruun ympärille, ja nyt pääsemme ensimmäistä kertaa kokeilemaan konseptiamme kokonaisena.


Recycling in urban spaces

Our smart trash can measures the amount of plastic waste in urban spaces. On the built-in screen the user gets positive feedback on the act of recycling right away.

Recycling with a purpose

Our mission is to normalize recycling by giving your every-day waste sorting a purpose. 

How? Recycled raw materials, nature conservation projects, circular economy elevation...

More about these coming up on the blog!


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