We offer a revolutionary way for waste recycling in public and half-public spaces, events, arenas... you name it! With ROMUkoppa your organization will take a shift towards a more sustainable business. We offer a variety of services which educate and encourage the users of your premises to be more environmentally conscious. Our services are tailored to suit your company's needs.


Our smart trash can measures the amount of plastic collected, and gives real-time feedback to the user through the  built-in screen.


Analyzed, referenced and simplified data about the plastic waste collected in your premises.


You can choose from a variety of different campaigns to find the ones that suit your sustainability goals the best. ROMU sustainability campaigns will always be tailored to your needs.


We are here to help your company with anything and everything related to urban plastic recycling and circular economy development. 


Our services are there to improve your customer experience. To achieve this we will tailor our services to match your wishes. At ROMU we value open discussion throughout all processes.


Does your company sell or make products made of recycled plastic? Would your organization like to collaborate in a circular economy campaign or a project? Or maybe your company wants to give its support to enhance urban circular economy? These are just a few of all the collaboration possibilities you have with us. 

We are an ambitious team of circular economy boosters open for new projects.

Shoot us a message and let's discuss further!